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Custom software, Design, Mobile app, Staff augmentation, Website
India (New Delhi)

"YS Tech is a tech pre-accelerator with a specialisation in creating end-to-end high-quality solutions faster and more efficiently; helping find the right product-market fit as soon as possible with the smallest burn rate for all of our clients’ strategic needs. Starting in August 2019, the team has rapidly expanded and is already in process of setting up its offices in Toronto all thanks to our creative, talented, and smart team… Yes, our team drives us.
The founding partners have over 19+ years of combined experience working for some of the biggest players in the market like Fidelity, American Express, Paytm, etc., and even as a young company we're making name for ourselves at some of the biggest and coolest events around the world working with associations like TIE, IAMAI, and World Business Angel Forum.
The founding team, having started multiple startups themselves in the past, love to work with other entrepreneurs helping them figure out the best plan for future growth... and the best part is we do this consultation pro-bono as our way to give back to the startup community and foster innovation."

Average Project Size

€ 10000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

3-4 years

Development process

"Understanding the product and the founders’ vision is our top priority. Our intake process starts with multiple requirement gathering meetings wherein we discuss what sort of a digital platform would be best(Standalone App/Web, Integrated or Hosted Apps for Shopify, or Wordpress, SAAS, etc.)
Once the requirement gathering is closed, we move on to creating rich prototypes that 100% emulate a real product. Prototyping gives our clients a clear understanding of what the product would look like at a very minimal cost so they can start collecting alpha user feedback before the development even begins giving them a headstart in understanding the market adoption. That too months before the product is live. This also allows them to formulate their strategies for the best ROI beforehand.
Once all the stakeholders are aligned with the prototype, we put into motion the Scrum wheels and kick off the development on multiple fronts i.e. Frontend, Backend, Database, Devops, QA, etc. whichever is necessary. Since the requirements and prototyping are done and dusted, the development now becomes a sail in calming seas. There are constant updates shared by the team on their progress and the same is conveyed to the clients in the phase twice a week.
Once the development is done, we perform various rounds of QA (Alpha, Beta, UAT, etc.) before launching the platform in its 100% roaring capacity.
One of the most important steps in our development lifecycle comes post-release wherein we continuously monitor the live system for any malfunctions, always keep the system up-to-date with the latest security guidelines, and always scale before the tipping point. All products developed by the team at YS come with a service guarantee. Any bugs reported in the subsequent months are fixed free of cost."


Agile Software Development, Lean Development (LD), Scrum

Contact details
Anuuj Chauhan
Anuuj Chauhan at Yellow Sapphire Technologies


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Ideal clients

Ideal clients are founders/companies with a product vision. People who can see the bigger picture to elevate the industry to the next level. We believe all traditional businesses and products of the future need backing by technology. Our 40+ member team is ready to help them out at every step of their journey.
We believe that senior leaders are groomed in an organisation. An ideal client understands the value in cultivating those talents. YS Tech offers Team As A Service wherein an on-demand CTO is aligned with the client to cultivate that in-house talent pool.

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