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Around 90% of the new software development companies fail in the long term.

When you build a new software development company you will face many challenges which causes companies to fail in the long term.

That’s why you need smart people on your side for support & investments.

Get to know the 'Get Started' startup program to build & grow your software development company together with Your Software Supplier

There are many startup programs.

Why Your Software Supplier?


Specialized in software

Your Software Supplier has many years of experience with guiding software clients and software development companies in their growth journey. Use our knowledge, experience and network in the software industry and to start and grow your own software development company.


Global network of professionals

We operate on a global level with professionals in the software industry. This means you have access to developers, CEO's, CTO's, CMO's, startup coaches, investors and many more. Leveraged our global network to accelerate your growth.


Exposure, leads and clients

We are specialized in connecting software clients with software suppliers. We invest our sales, marketing an business development solutions in promoting startups. Pitch to us and receive an investment if you meet the criteria.

Learn & Grow together with us Important learning objectives

  • Getting insights in the opportunities and challenges during the various stages of development of your startup.
  • Learn more about the causes why startups fail and how you can prevent them.
  • Transforming your ideas into products or services customers want.
  • Learning from fellow entrepreneurs who are starting a company.
  • Creating a high level overview of the company you aim to create.
  • Increase turnover and profitability.
  • Create the right company structure for growth.

We will use modern tools and theories to create your company, including:


Lean start up




Design thinking


Business modeling


Traction channels


Disciplined entrepreneurship

We support your company in the long term.
Program structure


24/7 support when needed

When you are building your software development company you will face many challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. Via our program you can support is 24/7 for advise and guidance in making the right decision. We got your back!


Quarterly ABCD’s

Besides support your company on a daily basis we also have a more strategic approach. On a quarterly basis we will check your company achievements, benefits, concerns and do’s. This strategic alignment makes sure your company developers in the right direction.



Your Software Supplier is specialized in connecting software clients with software suppliers. We can invest our marketing, sales & business development services in your company to get more exposure and leads for your company services.


Founders club

Startups that join our program will join an exclusive club of founders that are building software development companies around the world. Connecting directly with like minded people who will help you to succeed as a founder.

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Expected program outcomes


Increased speed of company development


Long term stable company


Higher profitability

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