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We are an independent software advisor that helps entrepreneurs and companies for free in their software journey. Join our affiliate program to earn extra money.

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Did you know that software development can be challenging?

A 49% of the software applications fail

Study done by Geneca

70% of the software projects are not completed on time and within budget

Research from Standish Group

A new software application is only successful in 4% of the cases

Study done by Geneca

That’s why entrepreneurs and companies come to Your Software Supplier. We provide free and independent software advice. This helps them with reducing the costs, improving product quality and speeding up the development process.

Do you know someone who needs a website, app or software solution?

Then we will help them for free in their software journey and our software development partners will pay you for a deal.

There are many software referral programs.
Why Your Software Supplier?

25.000+ matching possibilities

Most referral programs give you the opportunity to refer to 1 company. This makes the chance of closing a deal significant smaller. At Your Software Supplier we work with many software development companies which increases your chances of closing a deal.

Independent & reliable advise

Your Software Supplier can work with any software development company. Therefore we give our software clients the best advise in their interest. You can be sure that your contact person will receive independent and reliable advise from professionals.

Higher payouts for you

Because we act as an independent advisor that works with multiple software development companies we are in a better position to close deals due to the more options there are. More deals means a higher payout for you.

What you can expect.
These are our payout ranges.

Software development companies pay Your Software Supplier to help the with the marketing, business development and sales activities. A part of the income we share with you. Let’s grow together!

Become a partner

Small project
€350 - €1.750

Medium project
€3.500 - €10.500

Big project
€17.500 - €70.000

Want to grow together with us?
This is how it works.


When you join as an affiliate you will receive an agreement that gives you the security for the payouts of your introductions. Once signed we will personally train you and assign you to another affiliate from who you can learn. Together you will grow as an affiliate.


As an affiliate partner you will keep you eyes and ears open for software lead opportunities. Spot one? Then you can introduce the person or organization to Your Software Supplier. From here on we will take over from you. Easy as that.


We will help your person with digital product development and matching them with the right software development partners. Most of the times this results in a deal where your contact and the software development company start working together.


We are paid by the software development companies. If they close a deal via your introduction we will share an amount with you.

Become a Your Software Supplier referral partner.

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We provide professional & independent software advise

25.000+ matching possibilities for more deals

Higher chance of closing deals is more payouts for you

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