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Custom software, Mobile app
Canada (Toronto)

Datarockets is a remote team of 20+ in-house tech lovers who find new challenges and complex software architecture fascinating. They work with clients as a single team and are proud to call this their strength. Founded in 2014, the datarockets team has developed over 30 high-quality and scalable custom software and applications.

Their primary value, honest and transparent cooperation, transitions product development into a fast, easy, and fun process, and results in long-term partnerships with clients. Datarockets is much more than just an outsourced development resource; they are a proud dedicated team of product developers.

Datarockets works in different areas, no matter if it’s a ridesharing service platform or a personal growth tool. Their key is to believe in the products they work on. datarockets’ passion is working closely with clients, considering client’s success theirs, and growing businesses together.

Average Project Size

€ 50000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

5-9 years

Development process

1. Help translate client’s business requirements into technical specifications and user stories in order to provide detailed cost breakdown and time estimates.

2. Advise on launch strategies and priorities for an MVP, based on the experience in the industry.

3. Allocate dedicated teams of software developers to work on business requirements iteratively. No long-term commitment is required from the client’s side.

4. Together with clients, the team discusses the priorities, then determine the scope of work for each sprint and run retrospective meetings. This allows datarockets to have the flexibility to change and achieve the project’s objectives.

5. At the beginning of any partnership, the datarockets team sets up public communication channels, task management boards, planning calls, and daily standups to ensure all progress is visible for everybody. With real-time task boards and public communication channels, their clients are able to keep track of any updates and changes.

6. Besides, they have team performance metrics showing whether the team meets deadlines, faces any challenges and follows the client's vision by task releases.

7. Datarockets automates routine work to deliver completed features immediately that saves their client’s time and budget. During the development process, they take full responsibility for the code quality - to ensure the flexibility to changes and scalability in the future.


Agile Software Development, Extreme Programming (XP), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Lean Development (LD), Scrum

Contact details
Arina Siabrovskaya
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Ideal clients

datarockets' clients are entrepreneurs and business owners who value the transparent product development process. Their ideal clients prefer working as a single team with developers, designers, and managers, through proactive communication and honest feedback. It's a pleasure for the datarockets team to work with business owners who learn from their target audience, ready to run experiments, and rethink their strategy in order to find a market fit.


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