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Sri Lanka (Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia)

"Established in 2001, we at Cyber Concepts offer custom developed web and mobile applications, designing of WordPress based web sites and ecommerce portals to improve the business processes of our clients. We also implement our own inhouse developed desk top product for monitoring of employee attendance, leave and payroll generation integrated with biometric scanners, to our local clients.

Our mission is to help businesses, locally and across the seas, to identify limitations in processes, and provide them with customized, innovative, technology based solutions to overcome them, whilst providing continuous customer service beyond expectations.

Our core business focus is custom development of web and mobile applications for business processes and WordPress based ecommerce solutions.

Our passion is solutions. We have the knack of understanding the business requirements and articulating IT solutions to improve productivity and achieve business goals.

We work mostly with the following technologies
Mobile App: React Native, Flutter
Backend: php, .Net
Frame works: Laravel, CodeIgnitor
Frontend: Vue Js, jQuery
Database: MySql, MsSql
CMS: WordPress
Version Control: Git

Our Flagship Projects:

Complete custom developed progressive web application for an IT technology solutions company based in the UK. This solution is currently going through its third major revision with technology and new business features.

Complete custom developed solution for a Credit Management organization in the UK

License Issuing and Debiting solution for the Import and Export Control Department of Sri Lanka

Solutions to monitor and analyse data on Electricity and Petroleum sectors for Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka

Solution to monitor and track complaints and monitor communications

Mobile and web application to manage and improve the productivity of Milk Farmers

Average Project Size

€ 2000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

10+ years

Development process

"We are a team of techies with experience ranging from 3 to 20+ years in the industry. Our approach differs based on the entry level to the project by our client.

We first agree on the key contact points and set the project team from the client’s end. We also set up our project team with the product owner who may also play the role of the solution architect. We strive to ensure that the client engages all stakeholders to the solution and the project is driven by a key decision maker of the organization.

If the client is very clear on the project scope and have already prepared a detailed project specification, then we will dive directly into articulating the solution together with the client. In the event where the client has not given us a very descriptive specification, we first complete the Systems Requirements Specification (SRS) together with the core project team and obtain approval from a representative of the client.

Once the SRS is agreed upon, the detailed milestones will be fine-tuned. We take all efforts to ensure a robust foundation to the solution by spending a good amount of time on the design of the solution which includes the database structure, authentication and security measures implemented, logs and the archives to be maintained and the speed of execution.
With whatever the development methodology that we adopt, the above features are first put in place before commencing on the development process.

The development process involves preparing of detailed user stories/program specifications, agreeing on testing mechanisms and test plans. The development will commence with the key features of the solutions being implemented. These too will be implemented in several sprints of the agile process. While the programs in the critical path are being developed the secondary programs too will be developed in parallel.

With all these work going on internally we ensure total client engagement throughout the development process.

Once the project is completed in full, the client’s users will complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Any outcome of the UAT will be attended to based on the levels of priority and the impact for commencing the live operations.

On receiving the green light to set the project live, we will release the project to the client’s platform.

The solution will commence a specific duration of warranty period not exceeding three months from the date of releasing for live operations. On completion of the warranty period, maintenance of the solution will be undertaken on an hourly fee.
Payment terms will be agreed at inception on milestone basis.


Agile Software Development, Feature Driven Development (FDD), Scrum

Contact details
Ravi Rajapathirane
Ravi Rajapathirane at Cyber Concepts


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Ideal clients

"Most of our clients are startups to medium range businesses looking for solutions to handle their business processes with specific needs. Incidentally, we are open to work as the backend development team of a software development team.

We feel comfortable in embarking on projects where we start with gathering the complete requirements from the client as well as on projects where the requirements are clearly specified.

We work with both fixed budget and time based projects. The type of projects could be custom development of a complete application, or development of a new module to be integrated with an existing solution.


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