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India (Gandhinagar)

C-Metric was founded in 1995. Since then we have been delivering innovative business solutions to our clients globally. Our core beliefs are anchored in understanding the clients' business goals, objectives, and solving complex problems with the most effective solutions as a true business partner. Our rich legacy is reflected in our client list with strong trust shared between us. We bring together the best of both the worlds - innovation and automation through our technology solutions, and cost and time efficiency through our back-office service with established offices in the USA and India over the past 26 years; C-Metric has successfully provided technology automation and back office solutions to various industries. This experience has been at the core of our ability to successfully deliver solutions and services to enable our clients to succeed in the marketplace.
C-Metric provides business solutions that give measurable results to our clients. We focus on new ways of utilizing IT innovation to build products and services for today's dynamic business environment. We strive to create and deliver business process and IT solutions that allow our Clients' to significantly improve their core business value.
C-Metric is Silver level Microsoft Partner.
Our Vision statement says that “Through successful use of technology, automate and increase productivity by leveraging our services to become a trusted business partner to our clients, in order for them to improve their profitability and helping them in saving cost, enhancing delivery schedules, and delivering outstanding customer support, while maintaining regulatory compliance”.
At C-Metric our goal is to build true partnership with our client to help them achieve their strategic goals. We have helped them improve efficiency in their operations, offer new products to their customers, automate their workflow, reduce operating cost and meet compliance requirements.

C-Metric’s capabilities include -
• Microsoft technologies including.Net MVC, .Net Core, SharePoint and Office 365
• Open source technology such as JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails
• Cloud Computing on cloud environments such as MS Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud
• DevOps services for successful Cloud implementation
• Website and e-commerce development using frameworks like WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap
• Full stack technologies like Angular JS, React JS and Node JS.
• Mobile App Developments for iOS and Android using native or Cross Platform Technologies like Ionic, PhoneGap, Flutter, ReactNative, and Xamarin.
• Dashboard and Analytics using tools like PowerBI, SSRS, Crystal reports, Custom reports
• System Integration and Middleware Development, XML, API development
At C-Metric our aim is to assist our client with complex business problems through implementation and deployment of the most suitable technology.

Average Project Size

€ 10000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


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Company Age

10+ years

Development process

At C-Metric, we develop technology automation and innovation with the goal to create value in your operations, provide a competitive edge in your marketplace, or improve your customer service. We bring the top technology talent to you from India, at a globally competitive price.

The process of delivering this technology innovation involves a highly interactive process with you. It begins with our engineers who are trained in analyzing your requirements by following a rigorous process. First, we will precisely understand your technology requirements and how they relate to your overall business needs. Once we understand your requirements, we will propose a solution to fulfil your requirements. This proposal may take one or more of the several directions.

If your requirements are to deploy talented resources to implement those systems and solutions, we will provide you with talented engineers with the precise knowledge and skills of the specific technology you need to begin working on your project. By having such precise skillset, we aim to be most cost effective for developing your technology solutions. We provide you full flexibility on how much and how long to utilize our talented resources.

If your requirements are defined in terms of functionality of a system rather than knowledge and skills of an engineer, we may provide you a master plan or work-breakdown of steps & milestones, and skills requirements or a resource plan. Our larger projects follow a proven industry standard process, called the Agile Process. Our Agile process is tailored to develop precise functionality you require at the lowest cost possible and aim to deliver the project within your budget and timelines. For smaller projects with well-defined requirements, we can provide a detailed work breakdown of steps and milestones along with a cost estimate.

While implementing your requirements, our main goal is to understand your business goals, objectives and challenges. To ensure that we have fully understood your requirements, and to ensure that you can envision the end system we will develop, we offer many ways through which you may visualize the functionality of our proposed solution. For instance, we may offer detailed description of functionality in an SRS (systems requirements specifications), or we may offer a wireframe representation of the system, or even a pre-functional prototype with style sheets representing a look-and-feel of the system.

If your projects require proof of concepts where you may need to validate either business or technology concepts, we may offer to build an MVP – a minimum viable product. The purpose of MVP is that you can test the operational results or market acceptance at a smaller scale with minor initial investment before taking higher risk-reward decision. A valuable benefit of using this method is that it would allow you to fine-tune the functionality to optimize the achievement of the results you desire.

To provide you a roadmap of progression into how the architecture, design, construction, and deployment of the system will take place, we may provide you a work breakdown structure (WBS) and a project plan. This project plan can be a valuable tool for reporting progress on the project and achievements of major milestones as the project development progresses.

Our development teams are structured to be the most cost effective in the industry. While many of our competitors deploy overhead resources such as project managers and business analysts, we focus on deploying only the skilled engineers led by trained lead developer. We leverage the use of collaborative communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, which makes us more cost-effective during client facing interactions compared to deploying resources on-site or in-house.
We understand and adapt the lifecycles of the systems in your organization. For instance, resources requirements during development and build are often front loaded, with a long tail of low level of resources. We offer our services during all phases of your system’s lifecycle including development, deployment, maintenance and value-added enhancements.
Our goal is plain and simple - to make you successful in achieving your business goals. To that end, we are pride ourselves in being the most flexible, most cost efficient, and most responsive company. In short, we aim to be the best-in-class technology development company for you, our client.


Agile Software Development, Scrum, Spiral, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Waterfall (a.k.a. Traditional)

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Rajesh Thakkar


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Ideal clients

C-Metric is an ideal technology partner for a startup, midsize and enterprise thanks to our proven processes and flexible matrix team and organization structure.
At C-Metric, our first aim is to understand the challenges and problems faced by our client, analyze them and then propose a solution to address those challenges.
One of our European client, 'Lead caller’, is a Digital Marketing Company currently headquartered in Sweden. They specialize in assisting their clients with Lead Generation, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Retainer Service, and Commercial Print Ad-Media Buying.
Due to Lack of Automated caller application, Lead Caller’s end clients used to miss many leads. The biggest challenge that Lead Caller was facing was lack of call statistics (related to all customers) for their subscribers i.e. Their subscribers neither had the data related to call count of customer nor were aware regarding number of successful, scheduled or failed call count of customers. Lack of such details resulted in loss of many leads which is a loss of business opportunities.
An Automated Web based solution with all statistics of calls to enable client to follow-up all leads and convert into business. This solution will increase the business of Lead Caller’s end clients and help Lead Caller to increase their business too.
Lead Caller wanted to help their client in Lead generation process and for that they need their client to have complete control on call to action /incoming calls. This could be possible with Automated caller application.
C-Metric developed subscription-based SAAS web application that allows Lead Caller’s clients, subscribers, to register and purchase the subscription plan. The SAAS application now provide subscribers with customizable analytics and even an ability to embed a live link to these analytics, and view the snippet code which can be copied on their existing website to allow their visitors/customers to connect using VOIP functionality.
Lead Caller gain substantial benefit in their customer base with the features C-Metric developed. Specifically, subscribers can autonomously manage subscription plans and can also configure their own VOIP button interface put them way ahead of their competition. Furthermore, As a result Lead Caller increased their customer base 10-fold within just 15 months of releasing this product to their market. Furthermore, a Dashboard for call-related statistics to enable subscribers to analyze data of their own leads helped them with unique insight into the their own customer behavior and buying patterns


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