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Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk)

Broscorp is a bunch of techno optimists who want to impact the world in a good way.
We’ve founded Broscorp in 2016 to help companies struggling with a challenge to handle a huge amount of data and move from manual work to automation.

We gathered professionals with a diverse skill set delivering great results that outperform the expectations of our customers. Our agile team of skilled professionals can build custom software that increases productivity and help businesses to grow.

Our main value is to deliver the product with great external and internal quality. By external quality, we mean the ability of software to fulfil all the requirements and bring maximum benefit to our customers. Internal quality is the capacity to change and evolve easily to fit a moving business environment.

Our main services are:
Custom Software Development
Business intelligence & Big Data Consulting & Scientific intelligence

These services also include: Consulting & Product design, UI/UX design, MVP & POC Development, End-to-end web development, ETL processing, Big Data analytics, Professional analytical dashboards, migration To Cloud etc.

Average Project Size

€ 20000,-

Projects completed


Company Size


Remote Collaboration Possible?


Company Age

1-2 years

Development process

A strategic session with a client.
When a new client asks us to develop custom software or validate his/her/their idea we run the strategic session with them to understand what is the problem or pain they want to solve, and what are the business goals in this process.
Gathering requirements. Our product manager or business analyst is running a couple of meetings with a client to collect his/her/their requirements and understand better the needs to develop useful solutions. As a result of these meetings, we’re preparing specification documents which are the fundament of the development.
Developing a digital product. Here we follow the Agile Manifesto and creating the software that serves peoples’ needs and makes their life easier. We’re looking for the most suitable technologies that will comprehensively solve the technical challenges.
Testing and deploying. After that, we’re always asking the clients’ feedback to know if the program fully satisfies their needs.
Improving the product & Maintenance. It’s always some room for improvement of digital product, for example, to add some cutting edge features to match another client’s needs.


Agile Software Development, Scrum, Waterfall

Contact details
Daniel Eisenberg
Daniel Eisenberg at Broscorp


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Ideal clients

Our ideal clients are those who’re looking for a solution on how to automate data processing and the visualization of results. Today's world raises a huge amount of data and very often different companies fail to deal with their data. As a result, the data doesn’t bring insights to improve products or services, thus its power is not used efficiently. And furthermore, people are still doing routine jobs to manage the data instead of unlocking the potential of technologies and automate these minor tasks. So our ideal clients are those who aim to get the most from their data using automation and visualization.

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