The number of remote projects is increasing and covid-19 has accelerated this process even more. As a software development company it is therefore important to make your company remote friendly. This can be done in various ways. In this article we explain how the company Remote 42 can help with this by certifying the remote working standards. Do you want to increase credibility and thrustworthiness in order to get more remote customers? Then read on.

Software customers are often reluctant to outsource their software project remotely. This is understandable because software development often involves larger amounts. Software customers therefore do not want to take too much risk, while they do see the benefits of remote working. The company Remote 42 responds to this by verifying and certifying the remote working standards of the software development companies.

Remote 42 does this by checking various assessment points of the software company. For example, Remote 42 looks at which collaboration tools are used, what the cyber security situation is, what the remote working policies are, how communication works and much more. By checking all these points, Remote 42 can estimate whether the software company is able to cooperate well remotely.

If a software company has successfully passed the screening, it will receive a certification. The company receives a certificate and badge that can be used in sales, communication and marketing. A two-year study shows that this increases the number of remote clients on average by 12.8% on an annual basis, that the trustworthiness increases by 25% and the credibility by 34%.

In short, if your company is looking for more remote customers, it is a good investment to have your company certified. For more information, please contact Your Software Supplier or Remote 42 directly through their website.