Synergo Group is a software development partner of Your Software Supplier. To give you more insights about Synergo Group Renaldo Melkert interviewed Cristian Beres who is the founder & CEO of Synergo Group.

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Why did you started the company?
Cristian Beres, the founder & CEO of Synergo Group, was an entrepreneur himself and knew the pains of developing a product himself. Through this experience he learned many things from a business and software perspective. Besides, Cristi knew how to create teams, manage teams and what customers are expecting. This knowledge and experience was the starting point for Synergo Group. 

What makes Synergo different from other software development companies?
Synergo Group put themselves in the shoes of the customers. They really try to figure out how they can help the clients. They not focus on making hours, but try to be different by focussing on the contribution of a project instead of only executing. They deeply understand what the customers want to do and come with contributions to make the customer successful instead. They contribute instead of execute.

What makes a software development company good or bad in your opinion?
First of all, you have to follow some industry standards because everyone can write ‘spaghetti’ code, but this is not scalable and maintainable. Besides, it’s important to get the domain knowledge and also many projects fail because of a disconnection between business and technology. Also many organisations don’t spend much time on making good quality software and look for a quick fix. Once the organisations get more clients they need more features, but can't fix the original code anymore which can create challenges regarding scalability. A good software development company keeps the things above in mind. 

What are your thoughts and ideas about the challenges of pricing a software project upfront?
With any complex problem you need to break it into small piecers to understand it better Cristian Beres the founder & CEO of Synergo Group says. In general you need to develop A B C D etc, but you have little knowledge and some things are bad defined. The things which are bad defined create the risks. When you go into the details things can be more complex. Therefore it’s smart to agree on a high level estimates and reduce the risks by making smaller pieces and agree on the smaller parts.
Start with a discovery phase to get the business requirements and user flows to discover the complexity. Designing a UI/UX can also be useful. If you don’t do the discovery phase you don’t get those insights and lose your ‘insurance policy’.

What are your plans for the future with the company?
Synergo Group aims to grow via organic growth. They don’t want to grow too quickly to make sure they keep control over everything. The challenge is to find good resources and to keep them. The perfect candidate for them is talent with a technical perspective and an entrepreneurial way of thinking. These developers can think for themselves and work for the client. The employees are also happier then  because they are more motivated and projects are more interesting which make them stay. 

What would you like to share with potential software clients? 
What makes us different is that we contribute instead of execute. The philosophy is easy; if we contribute and our clients become successful they would also recommend us. Search for software development companies that contribute and not only execute. 

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